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Adding Wix Certified Trainer to my Bag of Tricks

My digital education continues—I am now a Wix Certified Trainer! A few weeks ago I completed all the requirements to become a Wix Certified Webmaster, which means I am trained on the basics of setting up a Wix website for a client. Being a Wix webmaster allows me to actually create websites for client companies, after which I transition the management of the site to the client. So far I have redesigned my own consulting website, redesigned my husband’s taxidermy website, and created a website for an annual conference that I help plan. Designing websites is a lot of fun, and while it is a great skill to have, it is kind of like giving a client a fish, not teaching him how to fish. That’s where being a Wix trainer comes in….

As a Wix Certified Trainer, I have completed all the requirements necessary to actually train clients on the basics of website building and developing an online presence. Instead of creating websites for clients, I teach them how to create websites themselves. Not only can I teach people how to develop their own websites, but I also incorporate other important aspects such as social media and e-commerce. And let me tell you, getting certified by Wix was not easy! First I had to learn all the Wix features, which is why I became a certified webmaster in the first place. Why go through all that training and not have something to show for it? After I was familiar with the Wix tools, I had to submit two videos of myself leading seminars—one on basic website design and one on how to utilize search engine optimization. I have been working on my training certification since September and I just received approval yesterday. It was hard work but it was worth it.

Now that I am certified, I can lead workshops to teach people how to set up websites using Did I really have to obtain a training certification to lead such seminars? Probably not. But having the certification behind me can instill confidence in workshop participants that I do have some idea of what I am talking about. Additionally, as a certified trainer I can provide workshop participants with a coupon code to reduce the cost of the first year of any paid plan by 50%. A basic Wix website is free, but it will be rather limited in its capability and will contain the Wix name in the web address as well as the Wix name on the web page. The paid packages eliminate the on-site advertising, allow for a standard domain name, and provide greater bandwidth, storage, and marketing vouchers for enhanced business visibility.

I thrive on learning new things and always stretching my horizons, so I’m excited to start off 2017 with a brand new capability. I hope I have plenty of opportunities to lead website seminars this coming year so I don’t forget all the great things I have learned. I have a feeling I’ll be sharing my new-found knowledge quite a bit, and I can’t wait!

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